I always liked the quote by Albert Einstein that goes, “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.  There are so many professionals, experts, and specialists nowadays making fantastic profits by keeping the people they serve in a state of dependence, unable to understand or comprehend what is happening in their bodies, minds, or lives.  I’ve heard admissions from health care professionals that their education programs encourage this kind of superior position in order to maintain their own relevancy.  After all, what kind of work would there be for all these people if everyone was healthy and well-balanced?

The fact is, very little is what it appears to be.  One of the hardest things for a human being to believe is that s/he is connected to everything.  Perhaps a better way to put it would be that every thing that is in form shares its origin with every other thing.  I hinted at this in my previous post when I suggested that consciousness is not unlike electricity.  It is everywhere, and human beings have found ways to channel it into forms that activate with the presence of electricity in them.  The same electricity will turn on a toaster and a computer, yet these two objects carry out very different processes and functions once “enlivened”.  This is because the form itself has been designed to receive the flow of formless energy and carry out particular functions with it.  The forms have indicators present that inform the user about things like temperature and time, and as they carry out their functions, the interplay of all these things is what we call “making toast” or “computing”.

I propose that the underlying process for all forms is the same, and that conscious-awareness is the field that brings all forms to life.  Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy, biodynamic farming, and Waldorf education, suggested in his book, How to Know Higher Worlds, that biological life forms are consciousness with desire, and mineral forms are consciousness without desire.  As forms are created, conscious-awareness inhabits them and imbues them with purpose.  Within each form is the code that indicates what the functional processes and abilities are – DNA.  So as the being we call “dog” is born, that universally present conscious-awareness is informed, by way of the dog’s active coding, about the things that are relevant to all dogs, and then more specifically, what is relevant to that particular individual.  Human beings are born in much the same way, gaining access to everything generally relevant to the living human form, and more specifically, to the unique particulars of the individual.  The same goes for stones and crystals.  It is in this unified field of conscious-awareness that the expression “we are all one” finds its roots.

The simplicity of this description comes about by making a bigger picture that includes the viewpoints of all the different mystical and scientific descriptions.  Instead of anyone being right or wrong, I propose that everyone sees something, that what they see is relevant, that subjects have depth and dimension, magnitude and proportion, and that when you put them all together in a conflict-free way, it creates a bigger picture that anyone can see.

(graphic source: Abstruse Goose)